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Freshers Fortnight

As I write on the first day of October I’m thinking back to the first two weeks of being at University. So many emotions have been running through me in these short two weeks. There’s been the homesickness, the excitement, the initial motivation of starting new projects followed by the all to familiar feeling of trying to choose between having some more sleep or actually writing up my notes. I tried to make the most of ‘Freshers’ and in my terms I think I did. Three nights in a row was the maximum for me as I know I don’t function well on zero hours of sleep! I really enjoyed it though and think I found a good balance between social and nightlife to getting involved with my induction lectures and getting organised for everything to start properly.

I’m really lucky that I’ve bonded well with my flatmates and we all get on – we’ve organised ‘flat nights’ where we going to have games nights, take aways, film nights and so on. I think living in halls (James Watson for me) so far has been a really good experience. It’s so easy to make friends, as straight away you’ve met five new people who are all in your position, there’s automatically some common ground that you can cover. I also really like the fact that we’re from all over the world, we’ve got a Geordie, someone from Kent, Sussex and even Cyprus! It really adds a bit of culture – everyone eats different food and has different stories and ways of doing things which is really interesting to discover. We’ve also met quite a few people on our floor so it’s nice to have some other people to go and socialise with, just to get a change of scenery and see some different faces. It’s amazing how quickly you make friends just from meeting friends of friends and so on. I’m also lucky enough to know some people in second year as well so it’s good to have them around for advice and help with anything I need.

So far my course is going really well, we’ve already finished one project and we’re on to the next! I straight away realised that I was going to have to be dedicated from the start, there was no messing about from our lecturers in setting coursework and research tasks! I’ve found it all really interesting though, and as I’m studying a subject which I haven’t done before, it’s all new and exciting.

I’ve also joined ‘Pompey Snow’ the ski and snowboard society. They go once a month to the Milton Keynes SNO!zone, so I’m really looking forward to the first of those in a few weeks time. On top of that, they a run a Christmas and Easter Ski trip and this year they’re to Val Thorens and Les Arcs respectively.  I’ve been to Val Thorens before, so I’m hoping to go with Pompey Snow at Christmas as well! Joining a society is a really good way to meet even more people, and especially to meet people in second, third and even fourth year. They have weekly socials at a local pub on a Sunday, where everyone just chills out, has a roast dinner and a drink. It’s a really friendly atmosphere and a nice way to end the week.

It’s so strange to think that already I have been here over two weeks. In some ways it’s gone quite slowly, it feels like we’ve been here ages just because the people I’ve met I could have been friends with for years. I’ve learnt so much in the last two weeks though, like to always put detergent in the washing machine, and to make sure you’re heating up the right hob ring when cooking pasta! I’m enjoying living as a student, having to look after myself, make my own food and clean up after my cooking, (which some of my flatmates seem to find difficult!) but it does go without saying that I am definitely looking forward to going home this weekend and having Mum cook my dinner!


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