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Third year!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written and I’m not sure where to begin really but, I’m not gonna lie, third year is slightly terrifying.

I’ve been in Portsmouth for nearly three weeks now and my friends and I have had some awesome nights together before the weather turned sour: BBQs, late night impromptu trips to the beach, the list goes on… Going back to uni has been a weird transition. It always is when you’ve had three months away from academia and you’ve probably been working a job or dossing around for a while.

Thankfully, I’ve got a great dissertation supervisor and I’ve already met him twice (with another meeting arranged). He seems to think my idea has a lot of promise (yay!) and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it, even though it’ll be pretty stressful. I just need to believe that I’m actually smart enough to do it rather than crumpling into a heap in the aisles of the library.

My other two units are pretty cool as well and I’m definitely in the right mindset to actually work hard this year.

Other than that I have a meeting with The Galleon tonight and an interview to be the Music Editor on Friday. Wish me luck!

I’ll make sure I keep you posted more often from now on!


One thought on “Third year!

  1. Blake says:

    Thanks for your comment – I’m really enjoying working at Pure FM.

    I was also at the Galleon’s first meeting too.
    How did you get on with regard to the Music Editor position? Are you still working in the Music/Entertainment section of the Galleon? Maybe I could get involved in the music section too – it might help me out with my radio work!

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