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September – Signs of a New Season

It’s September at last, but still a few weeks to go before Uni starts. I’m really looking forward to settling back into a scholarly routine.

The past few days I’ve noticed a some distinct changes which have reminded me that Autumn is nearly here – the new season officially starts on 22 September (the day after the autumn equinox).

The first thing to strike me was the encroaching darkness. It’s now getting dark by 8pm, which is a shock after the late summer nights! Then, on a short walk the other day, I noticed blackberries growing in the brambles – I have good memories of picking these fruits at this time of year. Finally, the mornings are distinctly chilly. It can still get very warm in the daytime, but there is a slight frostyness about early in the day, which is pleasantly refreshing!

The long summer is finally at an end – bring on Year 2!


One thought on “September – Signs of a New Season

  1. Zephyria says:

    Hey, u wrote it ftw!

    I love “the encroaching darkness” and I didn’t know the adj. before.

    Enjoy every day and seize every moment.

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