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Back in Pompey …

Second Year is here, I have just moved into my house (yesterday) and its been interesting. We have learnt alot in a small space of time. For me, I did it all on my own, I packed all my stuff over August, trying to decrease the amount of stress that comes with moving. I recommend planning and having time to sort everything out. I managed to get everything into boxes for easy packing and was even able to magically fit it all in my car and still see out the back – Bonus!

I was very proud of myself for sorting my life out and having a job over summer. Make sure you are prepared for the bills and costs this following year will bring. I live in a house with four of us but currently there is just two, so we have been left to live in a bit of mess. However with the right tools and attitude we have successfully cleaned up and survived! We even sorted Internet today so when the others move in, its gonna be like paradise haha.

Im looking forward to getting back into the Uni life, just curious to see how getting there and back goes. So glad there is a uni bus otherwise I’d have a half hour walk everyday 😦

However I feel very lucky and privileged to be here, knowing that Im not paying the huge student loan the newbees are, and to have this house and this room, I did well.


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