Free time, Relationships

Olympic fever, Reading Festival & er, my dissertation.

Well, my last post made it sound as though my summer had been a bit of a disaster and, if I’m honest, it’s not been particularly amazing. I’ve ended up dealing with the typical student issues (relationships, the stress of living at home for a few months, and dealing with a severe lack of hours at work) and it’s been pretty stressful.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! I’ve really enjoyed watching the Olympics. I can’t believe how into it I’ve got and I’ve loved watching all of the events. I’m currently watching Andy Murray absolutely destroy Federer in the Olympic tennis final and it’s amazing (although I’m a massive tennis fan anyway). The uni received 50 tickets for the games the other day and I would’ve loved to have gone but couldn’t make it to London at 7am the next day. It’s inspiring to see Team GB doing so well overall and it just goes to show, whether it’s sport you’re in to or something else, if you work at it you’ll end up achieving great things.

The other thing I’m really looking forward to is Reading Festival. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen most of my friends from uni since June and, regardless of the British weather, I know it’s going to be so much fun.

On the downside, I need to type up a new dissertation proposal this week. I really wasn’t happy with my last one and I want to completely change the subject of what I was initially going to do, so it’s going to be stressful but hopefully it’ll all work out in the end!


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