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Summer Dreaming

Though I can’t say the weather is particularly summery, I have been enjoying a few very quiet days at home, which makes it feel like a summer holiday as far as I’m concerned!

I’ve met up with friends, been on a few excursions and taken on extra hours at work, which has made the time pass more quickly. I’ve written a 2-page list of things I want to do over the summer, but so far not much has been accomplished! Though I’m not concerned as there is plenty (if not too much) time until classes resume in September.

I’ve now received the official results from the University and am pleased to report that I’ve passed all my units with over 60%. I am very happy with my results, but I’ll have keep this up in the Second and Third years if I’m going to get a First.

Many of my friends are now graduating, and hearing all their plans for the future has made me feel a bit restless. I want to get on with the Second Year so that I too will be able to move on to greater experiences with my degree in hand. I have already started to imagine myself with a scroll, gown and cap – and I must admit, the idea is becoming increasingly more appealing. So I bid good luck to my graduating friends, and everyone else getting their degrees this year – I hope to be joining you soon!


2 thoughts on “Summer Dreaming

  1. zephyria says:

    Hey, I like winter more than summer coz I love snowing! :)

    I too have some friends doing some other businesses like taking part-time jobs, dropping out from school or having got married.

    It’s really humiliating for me to meet with them on reunion sometimes, especially when they can afford the fees while I can not.

    But I’ve thought it through, I am myself, and all I have to do is just work/study harder to improve myself, not anyone else. So I think I will triumph finally if I tried my best to be better, no matter what others achieved, rt?

  2. zephyria says:

    Like Dante once said, go ur own way, let others talk.

    sorry I cannot remember clearly, it seems in his The Divine Comedy, he said so.

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