Free time, Other University Factors


Well people tell me summer is here but I’m really not feeling it. I’m actually not enjoying my summer and I shall tell you why.

Before the end of first year, I met the most amazing guy and we started seeing each other, but it was terrible timing as now we have 3 months and 111 miles between us. It sucks so bad but what’s worse is that I have no job at home, I’ve looked but everywhere already has “6th formers for summer” which means no money. This leads to no holidays and going on facebook to see all my friends excited about their holidays isnt helping.

I wish I could fast forward time to September so I can go home to Portsmouth and be my old, confident, happy self again.


One thought on “Summer…

  1. Blake says:

    I know how you feel, the summer is a great time, but it can be a real drag too! Make the most of it – maybe get in some extra studying! I’ve bought some books related to my course to read.

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