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Well people tell me summer is here but I’m really not feeling it. I’m actually not enjoying my summer and I shall tell you why.

Before the end of first year, I met the most amazing guy and we started seeing each other, but it was terrible timing as now we have 3 months and 111 miles between us. It sucks so bad but what’s worse is that I have no job at home, I’ve looked but everywhere already has “6th formers for summer” which means no money. This leads to no holidays and going on facebook to see all my friends excited about their holidays isnt helping.

I wish I could fast forward time to September so I can go home to Portsmouth and be my old, confident, happy self again.

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Farewell First Year!

My last essay hand-in was actually two weeks ago, when the weather was incredibly hot. After submitting my final piece of work for the year (ten minutes before the noon deadline!), I ambled over to the University Library to unload a few books, wearing just a t-shirt, swimming shorts and sandals.

Being the last day, I’d heard rumour of an American Studies barbecue taking place on Southsea Common. I met up with some of my fellow students and we headed for the Common, where indeed we spotted the fabled barbecue taking place. It was lovely to spend the last day with my colleagues in such a relaxed atmosphere. The weather could not have been better – I could imagine myself on the Spanish Riviera as we sat and chatted and joked and had a kick-about in the glorious heat of that day. There really could not have been a nicer send off to the first year.