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Let the summer begin.

I cannot describe that feeling, when you get back home and you know you don’t have to get back to revision straight away. The feeling when you know you can now do anything you want. It’s a great feeling. Yes, I’ve finished my exams, and hence officially finished Year 2.

Getting through the exam period was hard. Really hard. I always knew second year would be the hardest, but I never expected it to be this bad. This year’s exams where a nightmare. I was so stressed up to the point where, in my mind, I already saw myself failing and repeating a year. But I’m pretty sure I passed the 40% mark 😉

So what do students do when the exams are over? Students go to the pub! But we celebrated in style.

On monday evening we went to Babylon, where they hosted a Hawaii night. We got Leis (the flowery neck things) and little umbrellas in our drinks, which put as in a holiday mood. We danced all night – that was exactly what we needed after the long revision session.

The rest of the week consisted of BBQs in the garden,  cheeky drinks and watching The Avengers movies 🙂

I have now officially left Portsmouth for the summer, which I must say, I found a little sad. I wish I stayed there with my friends for a little longer. On the other hand, I now need to prepare for, what is supposed to be, the best summer of my life. So what it means is: last minute shopping, packing, re-packing, and more re-packing.


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