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“It’s the clichés that cause the trouble.”

This quote is from Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body, one of the books I wrote about in my Rewriting Literary History exam and, to me, it really rings true. In the novel it refers to love and love stories but I think in the real world you can relate it to just about anything, especially the clichés regarding the university lifestyle.

I know there is a massive stereotype that students are all lazy and never do any work and just get drunk all the time but, although it must be admitted there will be a massive night out from time to time, I think students get an awful lot of stick and they really do put a load of work in. Anybody that’s gone anywhere near the university library recently will realise I’m right, thousands of people descending on it every day to finish their coursework and do some revision.

Over the past few weeks I have tried so hard in terms of completing my essays with enough time to proof-read and check everything through, and I revised my socks off for my exam and, I’m pleased to say, I think it has paid off. Whatever grade I get at least I’ll know I’ve tried my best and I think that’s the main thing (although a 2.1 would be nice!)

Perhaps before people start lumping all students in to one category of lazy, no-good layabouts, they should consider how hard some of us work!

For now, I’ve finished my second year here in Portsmouth and, although it feels awesome, it feels a bit emotional too.

Only one year left!


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