Free time, Other University Factors

It’s the Little things …

I find it amazing how people can come and go in our lifetimes. Ive noticed it more at uni because of the distance and the new friends you make. During my gap year I had a great small group of friends who I could always count on, but things changed and we lost contact. But nothing stays for long and we are all back in contact once again and are planning a reunion trip. I guess it shows who your real friends are. They tell me, a best friend is someone you dont have to talk to for a while but when you do its like you were never separated. I think I’ve finally found that. The odd text out of the blue always makes my day so I try and do the same to others.

Family is the same. Being at uni can sometimes feel like your on your own, whenever I feel this, I phone home to know they are still there. My Aunt is coming down this weekend and is taking me out for lunch and to buy me a birthday present, which I am very excited about! It’s nice to know, we’re not alone and people are thinking of us.

Another little thing that changes every mood is Music. I made a playlist on Youtube of all the songs I love and I recommend doing the same, especially during exam time. It really cheers me up and its always fun to belt out a song when your stressed – my flat mates must love me!

I currently love this song, What do you think?


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