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In the Eye of the Storm

I think the eye of the storm is a good metaphor for my mood right now.

Yesterday I handed in a Literature Review and then this afternoon I had my Japanese speaking exam, which was only 5 minutes long (though I put in quite a bit longer than that preparing for it!) It feels good to have those assessments off my shoulders. Next week will be nice due to the bank holiday on Monday, so there won’t be any classes. But there won’t be any time for resting, as the following week will feature 2 essay hand-ins and an exam.

So although this feels like the nice quiet bit, I intend to do as much work as possible before I hit the turbulence of the final few weeks. And then I’ll be gliding free into the calm, open sky of the summer break.

It’s been a good year, and although one part of me is pleased as I approach the end of my first year, a  greater part will be slightly sad to think that it’s already gone. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’ll miss the commotion of university during the summer, like a storm chaser longing to get back into the fray.


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