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Time Flys …

It has been a crazy 9 months here in Portsmouth. I have loved every second of it and am going to miss the people, the lifestyle, the city, everything when I go home for Summer on Saturday. I don’t feel ready to leave halls yet as its been amazing to experience this year with my flat mates. They have made this year exciting and new. The worst part is I’m only living with one of them next year.

I guess thats why its a diffcult and strange time at the moment. No one really knows what the future holds. You just gotta hold on and enjoy the ride.

Here we GO!

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Let the summer begin.

I cannot describe that feeling, when you get back home and you know you don’t have to get back to revision straight away. The feeling when you know you can now do anything you want. It’s a great feeling. Yes, I’ve finished my exams, and hence officially finished Year 2.

Getting through the exam period was hard. Really hard. I always knew second year would be the hardest, but I never expected it to be this bad. This year’s exams where a nightmare. I was so stressed up to the point where, in my mind, I already saw myself failing and repeating a year. But I’m pretty sure I passed the 40% mark 😉

So what do students do when the exams are over? Students go to the pub! But we celebrated in style.

On monday evening we went to Babylon, where they hosted a Hawaii night. We got Leis (the flowery neck things) and little umbrellas in our drinks, which put as in a holiday mood. We danced all night – that was exactly what we needed after the long revision session.

The rest of the week consisted of BBQs in the garden,  cheeky drinks and watching The Avengers movies 🙂

I have now officially left Portsmouth for the summer, which I must say, I found a little sad. I wish I stayed there with my friends for a little longer. On the other hand, I now need to prepare for, what is supposed to be, the best summer of my life. So what it means is: last minute shopping, packing, re-packing, and more re-packing.

Free time, The city

Sunshine, sunglasses & sunburn. Ouch.

Now that I’ve finished uni for the year I’ve got a couple of weeks to spare and I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in Portsmouth just chilling out and stuff. Portsmouth really is a beautiful place once you know your way around and chilling out in Ravelin Park or by Southsea Seafront is awesome, cheap, and fun, just don’t forget your sun cream. I’ve got a serious case of sunburn at the minute and I have nobody to blame for myself!

If you don’t mind spending a bit of money you can play mini golf. Once you’ve finished the game you can try and fire your golf ball at a certain hole and if you get it in you win a free game. My Dad won last time so he gave me his voucher and, after nabbing my free game, I managed to win another free one! It’s a pretty good investment if you’ve got a good aim.

Here’s a photo of me posing rather than playing:

On an other note, I know that by the end of the year (or, for me, by Christmas) budgeting can be a tricky subject, and I have to admit that I’m not very good at it, but one of the ways I’ve kept myself entertained is by getting books out of the uni library. I know I have to read throughout the year but it’s no fun never having time to read what I’d really like to and I’m finally getting the chance to read a couple of things I’ve wanted to read for a while.

In terms of money I’ve managed to get a temp job for the 2nd/3rd June working at the Vintage Fair at the Historic Dockyard. It’s only bar work but every bit of money helps (and I’ve never done bar work so it should be interesting). I know people struggle to find jobs whilst at uni (I know I’ve spent many deflating days at Gunwharf getting CVs turned down again and again) but if you keep persevering, you’re bound to find something. You’ve just got to make sure you throw yourself at every opportunity – without letting work get in the way of what’s most important, of course, your degree.

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“It’s the clichés that cause the trouble.”

This quote is from Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body, one of the books I wrote about in my Rewriting Literary History exam and, to me, it really rings true. In the novel it refers to love and love stories but I think in the real world you can relate it to just about anything, especially the clichés regarding the university lifestyle.

I know there is a massive stereotype that students are all lazy and never do any work and just get drunk all the time but, although it must be admitted there will be a massive night out from time to time, I think students get an awful lot of stick and they really do put a load of work in. Anybody that’s gone anywhere near the university library recently will realise I’m right, thousands of people descending on it every day to finish their coursework and do some revision.

Over the past few weeks I have tried so hard in terms of completing my essays with enough time to proof-read and check everything through, and I revised my socks off for my exam and, I’m pleased to say, I think it has paid off. Whatever grade I get at least I’ll know I’ve tried my best and I think that’s the main thing (although a 2.1 would be nice!)

Perhaps before people start lumping all students in to one category of lazy, no-good layabouts, they should consider how hard some of us work!

For now, I’ve finished my second year here in Portsmouth and, although it feels awesome, it feels a bit emotional too.

Only one year left!

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It’s the Little things …

I find it amazing how people can come and go in our lifetimes. Ive noticed it more at uni because of the distance and the new friends you make. During my gap year I had a great small group of friends who I could always count on, but things changed and we lost contact. But nothing stays for long and we are all back in contact once again and are planning a reunion trip. I guess it shows who your real friends are. They tell me, a best friend is someone you dont have to talk to for a while but when you do its like you were never separated. I think I’ve finally found that. The odd text out of the blue always makes my day so I try and do the same to others.

Family is the same. Being at uni can sometimes feel like your on your own, whenever I feel this, I phone home to know they are still there. My Aunt is coming down this weekend and is taking me out for lunch and to buy me a birthday present, which I am very excited about! It’s nice to know, we’re not alone and people are thinking of us.

Another little thing that changes every mood is Music. I made a playlist on Youtube of all the songs I love and I recommend doing the same, especially during exam time. It really cheers me up and its always fun to belt out a song when your stressed – my flat mates must love me!

I currently love this song, What do you think?

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Exam Time – Need Tea!

It’s exam time, which means I’m trying very hard to concentrate on writing essays and studying. But after at least four hours of racking up words for an essay, and at least five cups of tea to keep myself going, I’ve finally succumb to distraction. After checking my email, and then Facebook, and then looking to see if there were any new posts here, I decided I’d better add something. So there you are! Just a few more hundred words to go on this essay before I start the next. And I know what I need – another a cup of tea!



For the first time at university I have finished most of my work early and handed it in with 5 days to spare! It feels good knowing that I’ve tried as hard as I possibly could have with it and no matter what grade I eventually get I know I’ll have done my best.