All Together…

Easter Break was amazing, I got to spend a week abroad with my parents and spend 2 weeks with my bestest friends. Coming back to uni was a bit of a challenge and a shock once I arrived.

I find it difficult to settle at uni, then go home for 3 weeks and vise versa. But this time was even harder, due to the amount of work I would be facing. I don’t know what it is about universities but they love to see you struggle.  Not only do we have exams coming up, but all my deadlines are in the same week. That equals alot of stress and not enough time!

To be able to cope you have to make time. Im sure the pubs and clubs have noticed a decrease in student attendancy’s because everyone is in the same boat. However with my course, which I love, we are putting an event on next week on top of everything else. A 3 course meal and drinks with a theme has its challenges.  So were squeezing planning in whenever we can and with 14 of us on the same project, its difficult to get everyone together.

But I like a challenge and that’s what uni is all about. Pushing you to give your best! Don’t give up because its hard, don’t search for excuses not to do it. Look for reasons why your in this position and bring out the positive! That way there is no fail.


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