Clubs and societies, Course, Free time, The Galleon

The next Shakespeare? I doubt it.

But on the plus side, I feel pretty positive about my writing in general at the minute.

Sometimes I feel a little bad about neglecting this blog, so I apologise to anybody who reads it as it may, from time to time, be lacking in new content.

This Easter I have slightly felt as though everything is getting on top of me a bit. I used to be too lazy to put myself forward for anything but now, in my quest to a) improve my confidence, b) improve my CV, and c) gain new experiences, I can sometimes feel like I might have signed up for too many things as I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to do everything I need to.

As well as writing this blog, I also have a personal blog, I write for The Galleon and the NUS web site, I’m on the committee of a society, and I’ve had a part time job whilst I’ve been at home. All this on top of my actual degree can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore.

Thankfully I have an enjoyable job in a pretty tea room  by a canal, and all this writing experience will be invaluable in the future. Yes, I’m getting CV bonus points, but I’m also getting the satisfaction of knowing I’m improving with everything I write. After all, practice makes perfect.


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