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I am the student that saves up.

Yes. I save up.

But let me explain. Believe it or not, but I do actually have a social life and I do go out. But I find ways to make it affordable. Orange Wednesdays. Free entry before 10pm. 2 for 1 deals on drinks. Why spend more if you can spend less?

I was never the kind to get drunk every chance I got, and I think this paid off. It really baffles me when I see other people’s facebook statuses about how they managed to spend over 50% of their student loan in Freshers Week only! I mean, this is probably not a problem for someone who has a steady income, such as a part-time job; but for me (with student loan being my only source of income) this would be unacceptable!

So I decided to save up. And guess what? The money I didn’t spend on getting drunk went towards something that is most likely to be the best summer of my life!

And what is it, may you ask? I will be spending my summer at an American summer camp as an Activity Counsellor. After the camp I will have time to travel across the States, which is something I have dreamt of doing since I was old enough to dream about it! I already started planning my post-camp travels, but I’m still waiting for my placement to be confirmed, so I actually know in what part of United States I will spend most of the summer, and my 20th birthday. I consider this opportunity the best present I could ever get myself.

So… wow. I would have never thought that it would be the student loan that would enable me to go. But it did. And you know what? I’m glad I didin’t have those extra cocktails because, let’s face it, cocktails give you headaches. And what would you rather have: a headache, or memories that last lifetime?


6 thoughts on “I am the student that saves up.

  1. Blake says:

    Wow, that sounds cool! What did you have to pay for – the flights I guess? Do you get paid while you’re there?
    Sounds great though!

    • I paid £450 and that covers application processing, flights, transfer from NY airport to the camp, 3 months insurance, help with all the paperwork… There’s also the additional costs for visa, background checks etc but still a very good deal 🙂
      I do get paid while there – not much, but it will pretty much cover accomodation and transport when I travel afterwards.
      Oh and I get free accomodation and food while at the camp 🙂

  2. Blake says:

    That sounds excellent, maybe I’ll give it a go sometime! Well done on the saving, I always turn to for excellent financial info and savings tips.

  3. Blake says:

    By the way, how did you find out about it, did you apply over the internet? And which State are you going to? It sounds really great!

  4. Julija says:

    Hi Maria!
    Do you have a skype? I would like to contact wuth you, because I will start my studying at the University of Portsmouth in September)))

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