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Blake’s view: Nobody likes 9am lectures

Do I have any complaints about the course? No, not really. Okay, nobody likes 9am lectures. Lectures and seminars are only an hour long, and sometimes I find myself wishing they were longer. The timetabling isn’t always great, which has left me with breaks of several hours. But no matter, I’ve filled in the gaps with studying, going to the University Library, reading, and going to the shops in Commercial Road, so it’s not a big problem. Park Building even has its own mini-library with books, magazines, DVD rental and TVs, plus there’s the Park Building café and several computer suits, so there’s plenty to do!

I genuinely enjoy attending lectures because I find them interesting. I came to this course knowing nothing about North or South America and I’ve already learned so much! I now know that Costa Rica doesn’t have a military, how new laws are passed in the US, that many Americans wanted George Washington to be their King, and that Chile is the only country to have elected a Communist government. Why is this important? Because now I can understand why Obama’s healthcare bill is causing so much commotion in the US, why Canadians play ice hockey and Cubans play baseball, and why President Hoover’s policies during the Great Depression didn’t work. By understanding the context of these countries, I can better evaluate what is happening in the present.

American Studies really has met my expectations. The lecturers have all been very friendly and have made an effort to get to know the students. Lecturers always stop and say hello if you pass in the corridor, which I don’t think you get on all courses.

The teacher is just as important as the subject, and the teaching has been excellent and the subject highly interesting. I made the right decision to return to university. Definitely.


4 thoughts on “Blake’s view: Nobody likes 9am lectures

  1. Brian says:

    It’s quite an experience then. I wasn’t sure how long lectures are or how interesting they would be. But definitely encouraged me to never miss any. Not that i was planning to but you know…lol cheers Blake

  2. Blake says:

    I guess how interesting you find the lectures depends on the teacher, the subject and the environment where it is taught. American Studies has pretty small lecture sizes (about 30-50 people) whereas I know there are some courses where the lecture theatre is the size of a cinema. I’ve really enjoyed lectures so far, particularly the discussion classes (seminars) – but then again, everyone’s different!
    Whatever course you choose, I hope you like it. Of course, enjoy the social side, but the way I look at it is that I’ve got all my life for partying, but only a few years to get the most out of Uni (and I’m the one paying for it).

  3. I had no idea Park Building had a mini-library! And I used to be there quite often. Ah well, I guess you learn something new everyday 🙂
    And your course sounds amazing! I sometimes question my choice of degree though – there’s so many things I wish I could do! And American Studies is definitely one of them.

  4. Blake says:

    Yeah, I think the Park LRC is a cool feature, as you can just chill out there on the sofas or actually get on with work at the computers (I tend to do more relaxing when I should be styudying!) It’s on the ground floor, you take the first right as you enter Park Building.

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