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Second year is tough

I knew second year wouldn’t be as easy as the first, but I didn’t realise how busy I’d be! I feel really bad for neglecting this blog lately, but the amount of work I had to go through consumed all my free time.


Doesn’t seem like a lot, since it’s the only pieces of work we do during a semester, one after another. But because the material got more serious, this is actually taking ages and, most importantly, is taking all the joy out of studying psychology. It’s the reports, discussions, literature reviews, ethics forms that really make me hate it. And it doesn’t come easy to say this because psychology is the only thing I want to do after I leave university, but it’s times like these when it really gets to me and affects my motivation.

Research based learning.

Well, my work is done here, although it did not go as smoothly as anticipated. Even, well, bribing people with Haribos didn’t do the trick. Hopefully my next task will turn out better.


But today was a better day. All my current assignments are handed in, next ones are not due until May, so I can actually rest a bit now. And it feels good. Did I mention that the weather makes it all so much better? 🙂 I feel some beach time is much needed.


3 thoughts on “Second year is tough

  1. Brian says:

    Crafty knows best as to say Haribos rule. But as for second semesters, I think that If you go all out in the first year and get it all and every free time you study extra hard and harder then the second year wont be as nasty. Maybe? Well we always have the Haribos if not…the n Fruitellas…hahahah

    • You could be right… But the first year actually doesn’t count, so no matter how hard you work, it won’t give you more than personal satisfaction. It’s the second year that you really need to focus on the work. But hey, what do I know – it’s the first time I’m doing it! 😉

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