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It’s a bit personal but…

I feel if I’m supposed to be giving people a “real” representation of uni life I can’t just talk about the good things all the time. Sometimes there’s a lot of stress involved in a degree course, and relationships (both romantic and platonic) can really take their toll on you. Falling out with a friend or breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend can seem a lot harder when you either live with them or can’t run home to your Mum for a hug.

Anyway, when times are hard and you feel like everything’s getting to you, or you just want a chat, the university has a great counselling service for you to take advantage of. For those of you who don’t want to carry out counselling face to face, there’s the e-counselling option as well, where you speak to a counsellor via email.

Recently, I had about 6 weeks of E-counselling as I felt like I needed someone to talk to. I have great friends and a lovely boyfriend but sometimes you just need that impartial voice to talk through things with. I received one e-mail a week and was able to spend about an hour on my reply each time. It was really helpful and, rather than letting a feeling escalate and become worse than it was, I “nipped it in the bud” and feel great.

There are also a lot of workshops available too. (In fact, I noticed my fellow blogger Blake went to the Mindfulness one – I’m sorry I missed out!) You can find some more info here:


One thought on “It’s a bit personal but…

  1. Brian says:

    Keep it real. I like that. A bit surprised about the E-counseling though. First time I’ve heard about it being done at Universities but weekly seems long. Maybe twice or three times a week. Yes, Uni gets stressful.

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