Free time, The city

Finally, the sun’s out!

Well at last the weather’s started to perk up a bit and this is the time of year where Portsmouth really comes into its own. I know that Portsmouth gets a lot of grief for not being a very nice place, but living in Southsea is awesome, especially when the sun comes out. Everything just looks so much nicer in the sunlight and the windy, rainy, rough sea is transformed into a sunny seaside. Families go out for the day, old people take their dogs for a walk, and students fill Southsea Common with games of frisbee and BBQs.

I’m pretty sad I’m coming to the end of my second year at university here but I have to say it’s been amazing. I intend on spending the next couple of months making the most of the sunny weather and the beach before I go back to the landlocked town of Oxford.

Yesterday Sam and I went on a bike ride along the coast, from my house in Southsea, up to Eastney and back down to Clarence Pier. We stopped off along the way for little breaks and chats (and for some chips too!) and it was just a lovely way to spend the afternoon before another busy couple of weeks of essays and reading!


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