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Happy Birthday Dickens!

200 years ago, on 7 February 1812, Charles Dickens was born right here in Portsmouth, at 1 Mile End Terrace, Landport, Portsea – now 393 Old Commercial Road. His family had been stationed here by the Royal Navy, although his they moved back to London in 1814. It seems there is a lot going on around the world today to celebrate the event, with a lot of readings of his work. Google has even got a Google Doodle for it. Have a nice day, and here’s some pics from Google Images. All my info came from this site. Click the image of Dickens below for a bit more information on him.


Blake's View, Course

Blake’s view: A Degree of Choice

In Ilin’s latest post ‘Getting back on track’, he said,

“If anyone who has not made their choice for a course next year reads this, I would suggest them to think carefully what they might like to do. A decision as important as this one might shape one’s entire life. Therefore, opposing a parent, for example, in favor of one’s own passions might be the wise thing to do”  ©Ilin 2012

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. I think you have to stick with your gut instincts when choosing a degree. A degree in any subject is a great achievement, and you shouldn’t be put off doing a particular subject just because you think your friends or parents wouldn’t ‘approve’. At the end of the day it’s your choice of degree as it’s you who’s going to be doing all the work.

You might think of doing a particular degree because it has ‘prestige’ or because that’s what everyone in your family wants you to do, or because you are worried about getting a job at the end of it. All I’d say is that you are much more likely to do well in a degree you enjoy. Of course for some careers you must have a certain qualification, but for the many of us who have little idea of where we’re headed, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ degree, and I’d sugest that no degree is any ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other.

When I heard of the American Studies degree, I was incredibly intersted, yet I tried to put myself off it at first because I’d never heard of such a subject before, and I was concerned at what my friends and family might think of me doing a new subject. Yet  as soon as a I came in to see the department, I got a good feel for it, and I knew I would be suited to the course.

The thing I found most difficult about coming to University was being honest with myself.  When we go to Uni, it feels like we’re trying to impress other people:  our parents, our siblings, our colleagues and our friends. But the person who you really have to impress is yourself.

It is a real privilidge to go to University, so I hope you spend your time studying what you really want. However, changing your mindset so that you are not influenced by others is a big challenge. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of University is encountered before you ever step out of the front door.

Footnote: if you’re wondering who Ilin is, he was one of the bloggers during the first year of the blogging team.


A change in the air ..

So semester two begins. Exam week finally over and an end to the stress… for a while anyway. A week off to recharge and prepare to start all over again.

In a way its exciting to get new topics to learn and know that you’ve improved since September. You still have the nerves of results coming back and your thought process is preparing for the worst. On top of that it’s refreshers week, meaning no sleep allowed, and no money either. Its a good life being a student.



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The never-ending list of things to do.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks!

In the last week I have gone back to uni and I have to say I love the units I’m doing this semester already. I had a seminar for one titled “Publics and Privates: Literary Sexualities, 1700-1830” and, as hilarious as it was, I don’t think I can repeat some of the things we were discussing in class, on this blog, as it’s just all way too X-rated.

I’ve also handed in my option form for next year and have started to think about my disseration topic, so it’s all getting a bit scary now!

On Tuesday I went to see one of my favourite bands (Four Year Strong) at the Wedgewood Rooms. It’s great having such a cool venue so close to my house and I’m reviewing the show for The Galleon (previously known as Pugwash News) so make sure you check it out in the next issue which is out on the 15th February.

I have a review of Maverick Sabre’s newest album in the latest edition and I managed to sneak a little bit of Twin Atlantic and Frank Turner, who are brilliant artists, in there too. I love being able to spread the word about music I care about.

Other than that I’ve been busy applying for work experience for the summer here there and everywhere. I really want to get into journalism and writing of some sort and I know we’ve all been told at least a hundred times this year alone that just having a degree isn’t enough to get you a good job nowadays.

Finally, it’s Refreshers Fayre tomorrow so I’ll be there with the UPSU Rock Society from 11-3. It’s a bit of an inconvenient time as we’ve all got lectures, but there will be free pizza so, hey, we can’t complain!

See you around x