Free time, Other University Factors, The city

Oh the things ….

It’s been a crazy couple of days, lets start at the beginning…

Having your parents at university is always a bit strange. They don’t quite fit in. I took my parents on a FREE walking tour around my newly hometown of Portsmouth. I made it all myself and tired to put in key tourist attractions that they hadnt already seen. We seem to love Portsmouth anyway and have seen a few. I didnt realise how much you could do in Pompey that was free. Having flat ground, made it an enjoyable walk and not hard work, having the sea front, took your breathe away and to top it all off, we entered the free museum to absorb the history of this amazing city.

I have also been house hunting, again. This time for a smaller bedroomed house. Let me let you in on a secret, things dont always go as planned but may turn out for the better. I am now going to live with four amazing girls, we all have the same views on houses, which makes the whole process alot easier. In fact it took us just over a week to find our beautiful home, in which we have now put a deposit on. All of us are very excited to move out of halls, one of us has even made a facebook page for it (no it’s not me) 

Rules have been broken in our flat and a divide is occuring. Lets just say, drama seems to live with us. Its all resolved now but you can still hear the tension in the air. Im slowly trying to clear it.

Another scary thing which doesnt happen everyday – BOMB SCARE! Yes we witnessed the procedure of a bomb threat. They found a “suspiscous package” in one of the University buildings –

Thought I would leave you on that “bombshell”



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