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I’ve finally stopped being lazy!

So we are well and truly back in the swing of things in semester 2, and I’m now officially more than half way through my degree. It’s pretty scary stuff.

I got all my results back from my essays and exam in January and I passed everything (thankfully!) I know I really need to buckle down though because things are getting serious now and I want my 2.1 in everything, not just half of the work I do. The things I struggled with up until now was all the reading I had to do. Each week I normally have to at least three novels and a piece of criticism for each and it gets tough! Oh well, in the exam I got to grips with Victorian realism and owned it. I have to say I was so stoked when I found my exam grade was pretty good though: the hours of revision in the library paid off in the end!

I’ve been spending all day in the library every day since we got back too, so I can make sure I stay up to date on my reading, as well as juggling my responsibilities on the committee of Rock Soc, writing for The Galleon (I’m trying to impress them as much as possible so I can get the Music Editor job next year…), and applying for work experience for the summer. If I’m going to be a penniless writer when I’m older, I intend to do it well.

In terms of my dissertation, I’ve actually got to keep up with an idea by next week. I’ve got a pretty strong idea of what I’m going to do, but I don’t want to give it away at the minute. I’m feeling pretty confident about it actually.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep working hard this semester but also make sure I have fun when I’ve got the time to. I don’t go out every day like I used to but tomorrow’s Friday night so I intend on doing as Rebecca Black, who I share a surname with, does, and getting down on Friday. On Saturday morning I might be feeling a bit fragile but I’ve been working so hard recently I deserve a big night out.

Next week I’m going to see Skrillex at Brixton Academy, London and staying at my housemate’s home house (if that makes sense) with a big group of us from uni so it’s going to be good. I’ll keep you posted!


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