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Blake’s view: A Degree of Choice

In Ilin’s latest post ‘Getting back on track’, he said,

“If anyone who has not made their choice for a course next year reads this, I would suggest them to think carefully what they might like to do. A decision as important as this one might shape one’s entire life. Therefore, opposing a parent, for example, in favor of one’s own passions might be the wise thing to do”  ©Ilin 2012

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. I think you have to stick with your gut instincts when choosing a degree. A degree in any subject is a great achievement, and you shouldn’t be put off doing a particular subject just because you think your friends or parents wouldn’t ‘approve’. At the end of the day it’s your choice of degree as it’s you who’s going to be doing all the work.

You might think of doing a particular degree because it has ‘prestige’ or because that’s what everyone in your family wants you to do, or because you are worried about getting a job at the end of it. All I’d say is that you are much more likely to do well in a degree you enjoy. Of course for some careers you must have a certain qualification, but for the many of us who have little idea of where we’re headed, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ degree, and I’d sugest that no degree is any ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other.

When I heard of the American Studies degree, I was incredibly intersted, yet I tried to put myself off it at first because I’d never heard of such a subject before, and I was concerned at what my friends and family might think of me doing a new subject. Yet  as soon as a I came in to see the department, I got a good feel for it, and I knew I would be suited to the course.

The thing I found most difficult about coming to University was being honest with myself.  When we go to Uni, it feels like we’re trying to impress other people:  our parents, our siblings, our colleagues and our friends. But the person who you really have to impress is yourself.

It is a real privilidge to go to University, so I hope you spend your time studying what you really want. However, changing your mindset so that you are not influenced by others is a big challenge. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of University is encountered before you ever step out of the front door.

Footnote: if you’re wondering who Ilin is, he was one of the bloggers during the first year of the blogging team.


2 thoughts on “Blake’s view: A Degree of Choice

  1. Jamex says:

    I’m in total agreement, bro! Take as much time as needed when choosing the course. It’s a serious decision and what with the fees now, its totally important to do something that youre gonna stick with it.
    Find out as much as you can. Having a gap year could be a great idea too.

  2. Blake says:

    A gap year is a good idea, Jamex. I felt quite rushed at College to make a decision about what course to take and at which University, and I wasn’t really ready for that decision at all – I was still trying to focus on my A-Levels at the time. I also benefitted from doing some voluntary work. Having time and space to really consider my options and my interestes (and what kind of career I would like) was greatly important, and I just couldn’t do that while at College.
    It’s such an important decision – after all, a wrong decision means you either have to spend at least 3 years doing something you don’t enjoy, or else try and transfer out or start over again the next year.
    A website I liked was Unistats ( You just put in the course you want and you can sort the Universities by the % who have a graduate job or the % who were satisfied. Personally, I’d rather do a course where most people were satisfied!

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