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Oh the things ….

It’s been a crazy couple of days, lets start at the beginning…

Having your parents at university is always a bit strange. They don’t quite fit in. I took my parents on a FREE walking tour around my newly hometown of Portsmouth. I made it all myself and tired to put in key tourist attractions that they hadnt already seen. We seem to love Portsmouth anyway and have seen a few. I didnt realise how much you could do in Pompey that was free. Having flat ground, made it an enjoyable walk and not hard work, having the sea front, took your breathe away and to top it all off, we entered the free museum to absorb the history of this amazing city.

I have also been house hunting, again. This time for a smaller bedroomed house. Let me let you in on a secret, things dont always go as planned but may turn out for the better. I am now going to live with four amazing girls, we all have the same views on houses, which makes the whole process alot easier. In fact it took us just over a week to find our beautiful home, in which we have now put a deposit on. All of us are very excited to move out of halls, one of us has even made a facebook page for it (no it’s not me) 

Rules have been broken in our flat and a divide is occuring. Lets just say, drama seems to live with us. Its all resolved now but you can still hear the tension in the air. Im slowly trying to clear it.

Another scary thing which doesnt happen everyday – BOMB SCARE! Yes we witnessed the procedure of a bomb threat. They found a “suspiscous package” in one of the University buildings –

Thought I would leave you on that “bombshell”


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Bomb scare!

Did you hear about the bomb scare at uni the other day? The whole of Guildhall was closed and James Watson halls were evacuated too! In the end it just turned out to be a suspicious looking parcel, but you can imagine how scary it was at the time. These things generally turn out to be false alarms but seeing the roads all taped off was odd! I had loads of police cars whizzing passed me on my cycle home from uni which was odd, but it’s good to see they were helping the situation.

You can read more about it on The Galleon’s web site here:

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Well I guess this is growing up.

Today I got the Megabus back home to Oxford from Portsmouth and, after a delicious cappuccino and bacon sandwich in this little cafe near the harbour, the journey back wasn’t too bad.

I managed to do a lot of reading which is always handy and my iPod was dishing out a lot of musical treats on shuffle, one of which was ‘Dammit’ by Blink-182 (the greatest pop-punk band ever) and the title of this post was stolen from some of the lyrics. I also think it’s appropriate because recently, and particularly today, I have felt like an actual adult for the first time ever, which is pretty scary.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Coming home to your old bed in your old house in your old village is pretty daunting. It’s odd because obviously I spent my whole life living here before uni, but it doesn’t feel like my house any more: it really feels as though I’m just visiting my parents’ house. You know the feeling you always get when you’re younger and you visit your extended family? When you know you’re more than welcome to be there and you can make yourself at home but it’s not really your house? That’s how I feel about “home home” (not “uni home”) now.

2. My little brother isn’t little any more. I remember when he was a baby and when he was at primary school and now he’s at secondary school and asking me for advice on which iPod he should buy. It makes me feel so old! I suppose I am now really. My Mum got married when she was my age (which is a terrifying thought!)

3. I’ve finally got round to doing things with my life. I’m finding it impossible to get a part-time job in Portsmouth and there are the usual stresses of life (money, work, relationships – I’m talking generally here, not romantically) but in my time at uni I have achieved a lot and this year alone I’ve managed to keep this blog up, pursue my writing career (or at least unbelievably hard too), and be an active member on the committee at the SU. Also, I’ve been applying for work experience left, right and centre, because I know how difficult it’s going to be when I leave uni and I really want to do well for myself.

For now I need to get on with writing a music review, an absolute tonne of reading, and sorting out my dissertation proposal!

I can’t believe how soon the end of second year is and it’s a bit sad really, because I don’t want uni to end, but I suppose it has to some day!

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Waking Up Too Early, Maybe We Could Sleep In

Hi all.

I just thought I’d better post an update. There are loads of things I could write about, but everything just seems very hectic at the moment! It’s not that the second semester is any harder than the first (it isn’t any easier, mind you!), but I just feel really exhausted at the moment. Maybe I’m still settling into routine. There’s a lot on my mind and I’m already starting to think about next year. We’ve just had to submit our unit choices for year two, and yesterday I attended a meeting on work experience and teaching placements – something I might like to do in the second year.

I really can’t believe that we’re near the end of February already. In only a couple of months I’ll have completed the first year! Of course, I’m looking forward to the summer, but before then there’ll be another set of essays and exams.

I’m still really enjoying the classes, but I’ll admit some mornings I really don’t want to get out of bed. But I force myself to, because I want to get the most out of my education. And once I’m there, it’s always nice to see the lecturers and other students, and then it doesn’t seem so bad at all. Until the next morning…

I’ve used the lyrics of a song by a favourite artist of mine for the title of this post, by Hawaiian born singer-songwriter Jack Johnson. ‘Banana Pancakes’ featured on my favourite album of his, In Between Dreams, from 2005. And seeing as it’s Shrove Tuesday today, this song couldn’t be more apt!

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Semester 2

I haven’t written here in a while, but in my defence I had a lot going on.

Semester 2 has started and things are moving fast again. I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks. I already got used to my new timetable though 🙂 I only have one 9am start, however this is only temporary as this particular lecture is all about dissertations and how to get started. In a couple of weeks this serie of lectures will end, giving me an extra day off.

It actually scares me a bit, thinking about dissertations already. I have less than a month to choose my supervisor, and a little bit more to come up with a research proposal. The worst thing is that I have no idea whatsoever about what I want to do for my final year project. Psychology is such a broad subject…

Hopefully my new elective will help me to narrow my choices down a little at least! I’m currently doing research based learning module, which is basically getting involved in real psychological research. For now, I’m preparing the materials needed to carry it out, but soon I’ll be given a green light to actually run the study! 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the one who will have to analyse the results and write up the report – I’m just collecting the data.

Overall, things are looking good. I’m happy with my placement for the elective. I should be starting my work experience soon, now that my CRB check FINALLY came through (after some delays within the hospital), and I’m really looking forward to this. I’m also very excited about my summer plans, which are getting closer to finalising every day 🙂

It’s looking like it’s gonna be a very good semester.

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Live Life to the Full

Semester two is awesome! You know where buildings are, where to hang out, the best clubs, everything! You’ve got to terms with the University lifestyle and understand the format now, so it’s focus time.

A lecturer told me something the other day which I feel needs to be passed on –

“First year doesn’t count towards your degree, it just introduces you into the course, therefore, first year is the year to try new things and enhance your CV”This was discussed in my Law seminar when we were talking about clubs and sports within the University, and she is right. Its time to do new things and live life to the full. Every moment counts, so why waste a second? For me, Im going to do a Door Supervisor Course and maybe an Enterprise Bootcamp – random but enhances my CV and makes me stand out from the rest of my peers. I would highly recommend this path of individuality as it is easy to follow the crowds.  

We are all unique, so get out there and do what YOU want too!

Portsmouth Societies

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I’ve finally stopped being lazy!

So we are well and truly back in the swing of things in semester 2, and I’m now officially more than half way through my degree. It’s pretty scary stuff.

I got all my results back from my essays and exam in January and I passed everything (thankfully!) I know I really need to buckle down though because things are getting serious now and I want my 2.1 in everything, not just half of the work I do. The things I struggled with up until now was all the reading I had to do. Each week I normally have to at least three novels and a piece of criticism for each and it gets tough! Oh well, in the exam I got to grips with Victorian realism and owned it. I have to say I was so stoked when I found my exam grade was pretty good though: the hours of revision in the library paid off in the end!

I’ve been spending all day in the library every day since we got back too, so I can make sure I stay up to date on my reading, as well as juggling my responsibilities on the committee of Rock Soc, writing for The Galleon (I’m trying to impress them as much as possible so I can get the Music Editor job next year…), and applying for work experience for the summer. If I’m going to be a penniless writer when I’m older, I intend to do it well.

In terms of my dissertation, I’ve actually got to keep up with an idea by next week. I’ve got a pretty strong idea of what I’m going to do, but I don’t want to give it away at the minute. I’m feeling pretty confident about it actually.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep working hard this semester but also make sure I have fun when I’ve got the time to. I don’t go out every day like I used to but tomorrow’s Friday night so I intend on doing as Rebecca Black, who I share a surname with, does, and getting down on Friday. On Saturday morning I might be feeling a bit fragile but I’ve been working so hard recently I deserve a big night out.

Next week I’m going to see Skrillex at Brixton Academy, London and staying at my housemate’s home house (if that makes sense) with a big group of us from uni so it’s going to be good. I’ll keep you posted!