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A Clean Desk for a New Semester

I hope you can see the image of my nicely cleaned desk. I thought as we return tomorrow for our new classes it would be nice to have a clean slate, so to speak. You might notice my new plant which I bought today, a ‘Lucky Bamboo’. Apparently, it’s not a bamboo at all, but I liked the look of it. Lets hope it can give me inspiration when I’m stuck in an essay!

So, now that my desk is happy, I feel prepared for tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.

(As a disclaimer, I’ll add here that from September 2012, the University will have ‘terms’ instead of semesters. So this is technically the last semester ever.)



2 thoughts on “A Clean Desk for a New Semester

  1. Ilin says:

    Hi, Blake! I like the arrangement of your desk a lot. I think something alive in a room can very much be the reason for inspiration later on. When I look at your bare speaker, it reminds me of steampunk, heh.

    The only good thing about the new system I could distinguish (for now) is the fact that we will be able to enjoy the Christmas holidays in their fullest, not worrying about exams afterwards.

  2. Blake says:

    I agree Ilin, having a plant in the room has a good feeling about it. I am fond of my Logitec speakers – they came free with the laptop, which I got for Christmas – although I’ve never considered the steampunk association before!
    It will be interesting to see how the new system without semesters works out…
    All the best,


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