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No more exams

Ah, exams are finally over! To be honest, I shouldn’t be complaining because after I handed in all my coursework, I had just over 2 weeks to revise for exams, of which I had 2! But of course it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

The first exam, Biological Psychology, was a real pain. Although I find the topic very interesting, biology was never my best subject at school, and what it means is that I found it so hard to learn! After all, it’s not common knowledge; you can’t just wing it. I revised, I honestly did, but my mind was blank on the day of the exam. And yes, I panicked. I was convinced I made things up just so I have something to write about. Turns out, the things I thought I made up – I remembered them correctly. So hoping for a pass 🙂

My other exam was Quantitative Research Methods. Seems pretty straight forward, especially because it’s an open book exam but… well, it wasn’t. I really struggled with time, didn’t finish my calcuations as I clearly made a mistake on the way and couldn’t find it when I tried to check my workings out. Although the first part, multiple choice questions, I believe I did well, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

The most important thing is that it’s all over now. It’s time to relax. As both of my housemates also study Psychology, we will be celebrating the end of exams with pizza and Lord of the Rings tonight, which is something we seem to like doing on Wednesday nights 🙂 We will be joined by a friend who lives near by.

I am really looking forward to a lay in tomorrow, and four days of doing nothing.


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