Course, Free time


(I sound like William Wallace…)

So I had my last exam almost a week ago now and it has been so nice to have some time off to relax after all the hard work I did: 3 essays to hand in in one week and an exam to revise for/do did not make a happy Kathryn!

I’d like to say I’ve been reading my books in preparation for next semester but, in all honesty, I’ve actually just been seeing my friends and my boyfriend, having some of the most epic lie-ins you could ever imagine, and reading A LOT of trashy magazines. I really do think I deserve it though and I’m definitely making the most of the freedom before semester two of this year!

I’m a bit sad that in less than 5 months I’ll only have a year of university left but there’s no point dwelling on that at the minute.

In terms of house-hunting (I thought I’d say a little bit about this seeing as others are as well), I’m pretty lucky in that I’m staying in the house I’m in at the minute. Thankfully (apart from the MASSIVE room at the front of the house) all of our rooms are basically the same size and I feel quite at home in my room in “the west wing”, hidden away at the back of upstairs. I love the high ceilings, old wooden doors and the stained glass bird at the front, and I’m glad we don’t have to move. It’s such a shame that one of my housemates is going on a placement year though: we lived together in halls last year as well and I’ll really miss him! 😦

Anyway, good luck with essays and exams to those who still have them and just keep working hard because it’ll all be worth it in the end.


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