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Exams are not fun for anyone and yet most of us have to do them. This week I am lucky enough to have all my exams one after the other, get them out of the way. Well sort of … this week is a nightmare. All I seem to be doing this week, is eating, revising and sleeping, with a couple of exams around the side. Oh and a presentation in the middle of it all along with house hunting –  a whole different kettle of fish. Hence the title of this post!

There is so much going around my head, I’m not sleeping properly anymore. My advice for these times? I guess to take each day as it comes and be prepared for anything.

House hunting is a totally sireal experience. We are currently looking for a 6 bedroom house and have so far seen two. Its difficult to get everyone together and we have left it a bit late so houses are limited, which also means the estate agents are rushing us into dicussions. Then there’s agreeing on the houses and rooms. Location is key for some of us, price affects everyone and room size just brings out each persons selfish side. Its not a pretty ordeal to get through but I’m sure we will eventually find a house we can all agree on and be happy with. I have set up some viewings for today and we have a few more tomorrow. Our aim is to have decided on a house by the end of this week.

Fingers crossed please 😀


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