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Merry Christmas

Once home from Uni, I went straight into a panto with my singing group, they performed Alice in Wonderland beautifully! It was so much fun to help out backstage and fantastic to watch! Singing the Christmas songs and handing out mince pies to the public really gets you into the christmas spirit, however panto takes alot of time and I have been wrapping presents for a week! It makes you wonder if it’s all worth it for one day but then you think about the true meaning of Christmas. I don’t mean the religion side of it, Im talking about giving to people we love and spending time with all the family. 

Christmas at my house is quite small in terms of people but we always go overboard with presents. I would say my family are givers not recievers. I love buying the best present for someone and seeing their reaction. But this is my first Christmas being in uni and it’s strange how you adapt to each location. I was talking to one of my best friends, Frances last night about the difference between home and uni life, she said how they were two different worlds that never intertwine. I miss my uni friends when at home but miss my home friends when at uni, but just think how popular that makes me, hehe.

Anyway it’s christmas! Time to spend with my family and eat too much food, get a little drunk and merry and enjoy every moment in life.

Merry Christmas one and all!!


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