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Being Positive …

Emotions are extraordinary things and this whole Uni experience has been a crazy ride with meeting new people and finding a new side to me. I love being here and experiencing this situation as it is the best thing I have ever done! I feel I should live everyday as it should be by filling it with things I would never normally do, and get the best out of these “school days”. You only live once and this is the best way to do it!

This evening I learnt a lesson on advice. You can give as much as advice to someone as you wish but if they have a strong, over powering feeling they are not going to take it. What do you do in that situation, when you know best from the outside view but the other person just isn’t listening?

It’s amazing how people can change your life and influence you as a person. Living with five other people, most of which are boys, is a new challenge and pushes your character to the edge. It makes me think how much we change through our lives and how different personalities can clash.

It’s not all about socialising though, it’s important to attend lectures and seminars and get into the work mind set. I enjoy my course and would be keen for a first at the end of the year to show hard work does pay off. I also want to prove people wrong; I have never been academically clever. Hint my lack of spelling and sentence structure but I try, and I personally think that’s more of an achievement.


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