So Here Were Are…

The whole university experience is a rollercoaster ride; it scares you but you never want it to end. Being here, and thrown into the deep end is a huge lifestyle change.

The first week of university is a bit strange to say the least. Moving in on the Saturday, we kick started the first night off with a night on town and continued the weekend with predrinks and parties. Having a night out with the flat mates enabled us to get to know each other and the area but Monday started with an induction week. It was an interesting first week as we met our tutors and lectures it became clear what was set out for the course and the year ahead.  These lectures weren’t too work based but became a shock to the system with the early starts.  It was good to see people in the same situation as myself and know that we are on this journey together.

It was amazing to meet my course mates and I am very lucky to have such a tight group of girlies now. But it takes time and effort. There will be bad days as well as good days which makes it even more important to stay positive.

Pompey has taught me a couple of things already;

To never miss out no matter how bad you feel.

Sign up for things even though it may not be ‘cool’

Get involved and do things that scare you

Don’t worry about the small things but most importantly

You can’t know who your real friends are until you see them in a time of need!






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