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Writing for Pugwash!

Finally the blogging site is up and running, but it’s been months since my last post so it’s about time I filled you in on everything that’s been going on.

Firstly, although I said in my last post I wouldn’t have enough time to do it, I decided to write for Pugwash News, the university paper. So far I’ve written a few gig and album reviews and a few of them have been published. Sadly I didn’t manage to get a press pass for The Vaccines (which would have been amazing) but you can read everything I’ve written on the Pugwash web site. There are copies of the paper available to read online, but the things I have written myself can be found here:

It’s quite nice being able to see your work in print (and it’ll look good on my CV), but most importantly I’ve been able to see bands I love and hear music I am really passionate about. I even got a chance to interview The Blackout, although it was in a leaky stairwell at the back of the Pyramids centre!

ALSO, if you do want to write about Music for Pugwash this year, e-mail Matt at!


2 thoughts on “Writing for Pugwash!

  1. Matt Borucki says:

    And you got to meet me haha! Na I’m just kidding, if you wouldn’t mind would you put my Pugwash email up and let people know how to get involved as well 🙂

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