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UPSU Rock Society!

Sooooo, it’s getting to the end of the first semester and the Rock Society have been busy!

Since the Freshers’ Fayre we’ve had a lot of socials including a Cops and Robbers night and a “white t-shirt” pub crawl and, generally, everything’s been going well. It’s great to have common interest societies within the Union, as coming to university can be a daunting experience and to be able to meet people with similar interests so easily is great. I made most of my friends through the Rock Society last year and it’s just brilliant to be able to pass the experience on to people in their first year too.

Honestly, we all listen to different kinds of music and love going on different nights out, but it’s nice to get together with people that you can go to gigs with and just generally have a good time. Quite a lot of people have met through the society that are starting bands up as well which is cool.

We’re having our Christmas meal tomorrow (which was a lot harder to organise than you’d think…) and going to Babylon afterwards which will be a laugh, then we’re having our last social of the year next week and dressing up as The Simpsons. After the exams are finished in January we’ll be off to Playzone and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than fully grown adults running around in a kids’ play area.



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