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Time is flying and I’m avoiding coursework.

Time is going fast. Today I’ve realised that I’m already half way through my degree, which means I really have to pull myself together and start working really hard.

At the moment, I can’t really concentrate on coursework that’s due in next week. Let alone the coursework that’s due in after Christmas. All I can think about is getting “relevant” work experience. Finding such experience is a bit of a pain in the neck, as you can’t really work in the psychology field without holding a degree, but as everywhere else, previous experience is essential for future employment or even further studies. So you’ve got to get that experience. Not as easy to find as you might think.

Luckily, I do have some things going on. Next Thursday I’m going to an interview at the Salisbury Disctrict Hospital for a voluntary post. Not sure what exactly I would be involved in. All I know is that potentially I will be working with the elderly patients there to help them increase the amount of cognitive and social stimulation while they’re at hospital. Sounds like quite a challenge, but who said psychology was easy?

I also need to look for some work experience involving children. I plan to drop by the local secondary school in the next couple of days to see if they need help with running the after school clubs. Oh, I do hope they run art sessions, I’d love to get involved with art again!

So that’s that. Now, back to the constantly avoided coursework.


2 thoughts on “Time is flying and I’m avoiding coursework.

  1. Shakey-Blakey says:

    Whoever called it the Christmas break?

    I’ve been putting off some essays and revision, only to find that I’ve got an exam on January 9th! Aargh! It’s sounds like it’s going to be all work for you, too!

    Good luck with the work experience – I hope you can find something nice! And, if possible, find some time to relax…

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