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One more week to go…

Despite the freezing cold winds which have been sweeping Portsmouth, people seem to be quite merry. I guess you’ve got to be cheerful when it’s so cold and dark all the time.

Every winter I promise myself I’ll be well prepared with presents and ahead with my workload, and every year I end up rushing around in a mad dash because I’ve left it all too late. This year will be no different, I can tell you that already! It’d be really nice to relax a bit before the 25th, maybe spend a couple of days just catching-up with friends. I’m sure I’ll do everything and see everyone somehow, although it will probably be a blur of events which passes by too quickly.

There’s one positive, however.  I’ve got a cold!   Although a blocked nose and irritating cough aren’t normally a cause for celebration, I can assure you it’s a good thing. Over the last few Christmases I have been plagued by an annoying cold, and it’s never as enjoyable eating a Christmas dinner when everything tastes the same. So,  if I’ve got the cold out of the way now,  there’s no way I’m gonna get another one (he says).

I will be glad when lectures finish. Not because I don’t like them, but because it would be nice to have some form of rest – I’m sure my lecturers would agree!

Just one more week to go…


2 thoughts on “One more week to go…

  1. Ah, colds are NEVER good, but I do see your point 😉 And I know what you mean by leaving everything till the last minute – I do that all the time as well! Get better soon 🙂

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