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I actually missed university over the summer

I’ve never thought I’d say this, but I actually missed university over the summer. What I didn’t realise was that this year wouldn’t be as easy going as the previous one.

As a second year student, I no longer have a “privilege” of living in student halls, so with a reasonable amount of time in advance my friends and I got a lovely three-bedroom house in Fratton. Moving in went smoothly. Settling in wasn’t that big of a deal this time; after all, we’ve all done that before. What I found the hardest about the new situation was something that was really just a formality – sorting out the bills. Seems easy, right? Well, it wasn’t. Not for me anyway. I’ve never really overcome my fear of phone conversations and I found overtaking of the bills quite stressful. But I’ve finally pulled myself together and made the phone call. In the end, it turned out to be not that big of a deal. So what was left for me to do before university officially started was to decorate my room to make it feel as homely as possible. Four weeks into the semester – I’m still in the process. All that’s missing is a few posters that are already on my watch list on Ebay.

Four weeks into the semester. I still can’t believe how quickly the time is going. The first week of lectures was okay; they were mainly introductory lectures. It was the second week that I started hating my new timetable. With four days of lectures, three of these have a 9am start! What I really can’t get over is statistics lecture first thing on a Monday morning… What keeps me going is the thought that in eight weeks we will break up for Christmas, and when we get back in the New Year, the timetable will change.

But, of course, university isn’t just about lectures. Last year I became interested in a few societies after attending the Fresher’s Fayre, yet I haven’t joined any of them. It was only before Christmas that I’ve finally committed myself to one – Film & Photo Society. But to be honest, the only reason I joined was the opportunity of going on a Venice trip over the Easter holidays. I attended a couple of compulsory meetings for the people going on the trip, but that was about it. Venice was absolutely amazing! I had a really good time and I’ve met a lot of lovely people from the society. Yet I couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward around them because they all knew each other before the trip. At that point I promised myself to get more involved. That’s how I became the new Social Secretary for the Film & Photo Society for the new academic year.

What came with the position were new duties. One of them was attending the Fresher’s Fayre. As much as I loved strolling between the stalls and crowds of people in my first year, I loved being on “the other side” even more! I had a lot of fun talking to all the new people, advertising the society and sharing interests at the same time. It was a great experience which I would recommend to anybody, but it also involved a lot of hard work, starting with putting the stall together, through printing fliers and banner, ending on the actual promotion. By the end of the two days I could hardly speak… Another thing was running the society. I never realised how hard that could be! Organising the meetings, events, trips, tutorials and socials; trying to arrange them on the calendar… That took us two whole days. But there’s nothing more gratifying than all the positive feedback we get from our members.

What’s coming over the next few weeks is filling my time with gym sessions, job hunting and, what’s most important for me right now, “relevant” work experience – opportunities of which I am still looking into! Second year is going to be much busier than the first. After all, this is the time where the real student life begins; time, where everything starts to count.


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