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My First Day

It’s a weird situation to be in and no one quite understands what is going on. Driving down to Portsmouth was a strange feeling. I was excited about new possibilities and seeing my new room and flat but I was extremely scared about not knowing what was going to happen. I think not knowing the future scares us as we can’t control it. But isn’t that the most exciting thing of all?

The drive went quickly and we arrived outside James Watson early, good thing too. I’m sure you can imagine 688 rooms being filled throughout a 3 day period, all using one entrance. Seventh floor with all my stuff was a bit of fun, then realising I had too much stuff and nowhere to put it. Off to the shops we went, stocked up on food, brought more drawers (could do with more still) and got the feel of the place. I love Portsmouth anyway as I have been many times before on day trips with the family. I think it’s weird to think back to when I first visited Portsmouth, I never saw myself living here in a couple of years time. What’s the weirdest thing though, is having my best friend down here at University too. We visited Portsmouth together before uni and ucas stuff, just as a day trip. It’s strange to think we both picked this uni without consulting each other. Although she is second year, I will still put myself in the Fresher’s category to find my own friends and feel what every first year should be feeling.

I have to say I feel extremely lucky, my flat is big and spacious with a good layout of the rooms, I was lucky enough to get the end room, which means no one walking past all the time, less disturbances and best of all, no loud clock chimes!

I love my room because its mine, I have everything I need right here and I can move it where I want. I guess that’s where the independent bit comes into it, as well as the cooking, cleaning, getting to lectures on time and all that of course!

The first day is always a bit strange as your put in a new place with surroundings you don’t quite get yet. Parents try and sort you out, make sure you survive and are okay but you’re not going to settle for a bit yet. It’s okay when they’re there, you feel safe, like it’s a day trip nothing changes until you start to think, I’m going to be here alone. My parents took me to Frankie and Benny’s for lunch/dinner and it was nice but I knew it was the last meal with them for awhile and I knew they would leave soon. That was the moment I will remember.

That is the scariest moment. I was okay when they left, I was sorting out my internet, and a distraction is always good. I also knew my flat mates were just chilling in the kitchen and I wanted to join them. We are lucky in the fact we all started to talk to each other when we moved in and all made it easier for ourselves. We’re a good group and so far get on well. Even though there are 4 guys and 2 girls we seem to mix. Having one other girl here, you get close to her and I think a beautiful friendship will form.

The first night, we did it properly. We had predrinks together in our flat with some new friends we dragged along the way. My flat mate had a great idea to go round as a group and knock for people on our level, meet the neighbours. Clubbing took place quickly after and we tried Bar 8 first then ended up in Liquid. One day we shall do them all.

It was nice to see the different roles we took that night and interesting to see how quickly we all protected each other. I feel extremely lucky to have this flat and these friends and I know something beautiful will come out of it!